What is Cryptography?

Understanding an underlying part of NFTs

Cryptography is the science of secure information. It involves taking information and scrambling it in such a way that only the intended recipient can understand and use it.

Let’s think of cryptography in three categories: encryption on one side, decryption on the other, and cryptography stuck in the middle. Cryptography is the battlefield on which those trying to transmit information securely combat those attempting to decrypt and manipulate the information. Cryptography is not a new subject; humans have used cryptography for thousands of years. For example, Julius Caesar used cryptography to inform his generals of his plans in times of war. He would send messages using letters that were three letters after the letter they were supposed to represent. For instance, the letters ABC would be written as DEF. This is a very basic form of encryption but was beneficial to Caesar during his reign.

Cryptography is a vital part of our lives today. Every time we type in a password or pay with a credit card, we utilize cryptography. Without cryptography, it would be easy for hackers to steal sensitive information and use it for personal gain. Cryptography ensures that our information can only be used for who it is intended.