Update on Dempsey Startup Competition

SongChain is moving up in the world!

We are excited to announce that SongChain has advanced to the Investment Round of the Dempsey Startup Competition at the University of Washington! SongChain is one of 30 teams to make it to this round and will be competing in a live tradeshow style event held over Zoom. Our UW employees, Nicky, Kenyon, and Michael will represent the rest of the team in this contest. The three will deliver a 60-second pitch video and 1-page business summary to a panel of prominent Seattle area entrepreneurs.

As a reward for advancing to the investment round, SongChain has been invited to multiple networking events with founders, investors, and academic experts. The team will also get the opportunity to refine its pitch through a workshop hosted by Ken Myer, Faculty Director of the Master of Science in Entrepreneurship at the UW. SongChain will also get a touch up on its financial forecasts within a workshop led by none other than John J Hansen, Chairman and CEO of Media Partners Corporation.

Be on the lookout for an update as we compete for a spot in the sweet sixteen!